Sunday, April 29, 2012

M20(A1) 81mm Mortar Carrier (ETO)

I’ve been busy over the past month working on this little project for the Big Spring Contest over on Scale Model Addict.  This is a “what if” build placing an 81mm mortar into an American M20 armored car by Tamiya.  Additionally the M20 will be towing a liberated German Sd.Ah.52 37mm Flack Ammunition Trailer from Bronco models accompanied by an Alpine figure.  Originally these would be place on scenic base from Mini-Art but given the compressed build time of just 90 days I’m not sure this will accomplished.

Most of the work thus far has gone into the interior of the M20 converting it to house the Mortar and ammunition for it. The Tamiya kit is rather nice and only minor work is needed to improve the exterior.  Evergreen styrene tubing is the major component used for the scratch building.

Be sure to follow the M20(A1)Photo essay  tab at the top of the page for more photographs.

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