Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Box

Apparently I was a good little boy as Santa (my loving wife that is) brought me a gift I never thought I could possibly get!!

Its called the "Work Box" and is available form the The Original Scrapbox. This thing is beyond Awesomeness!!
And closes up into a rather nice looking piece of furniture when needed...

This is great if you don't have alot room but when opened up all the way still measures around 9 feet in length. Also you will have to put it together...but really if your a model builder then that's not really a problem, is it?  It even comes with a CD that shows you the entire process and took me about six hours over two nights. The only thing I added that was not included was a LCD light just above the work area (not shown).  Lastly this item is not cheap so that should be considered, but I'm totally beyond happy with this Work Box.

Below are some basic stats from the  The Original Scrapbox web page.

Full Dimensions:
Closed - 36" W x 31" D x 72" H
Opened - 108" W x 18" D x 72" H
Table Top - 36" W x 24" D
Included Canvas Tote Sizes:
(3) 6" width x 12" length x 12" high
(16) 12.25" width x 12.25" length x 3" high
(10) 12.25" width x 12.25" length x 5.5" high
(30) 3" width x 12" length x 3" high
(22) 5.5" width x 12" length x 4.5" high
Total: 81
Included Clear Zipper Pouch Sizes:
(2) 13" x 13" Large
(6) 13" x 6" Medium
(12) 6" x 6" Small
Total: 20