Monday, December 12, 2011

The Beginning…First Post

For me the journey of plastic modeling started back on Christmas day 1980, I believe it was.  My sister and husband, then boyfriend, presented me with my first 1/35th scale plastic model. The Tamiya Tiger I, TM30611. But not only did they give just the model but also one of the early Squadron in action photo books, “Tiger I in Action” which I still own to this day.  

 I was bit by the bug, and there was no cure. Over the course of the next few years I continued to build and became a member of the local IPMS chapter and participated in several shows and contests.  


But like most young people, high school and “distractions” pulled my attention away from building models, but not totally away.  I continued to buy the magazines and books and every once in a while would actually dabble in a little building.  My love of the hobby ensured that I never totally left it. Even after high school I kept involved just a little so that I could keep up with what was happing with in the hobby.   As it turned out I ended up committing twenty-one and half years to the U.S. Air Force. With the duty requirements, extensive deployments and meeting my loving wife it became increasingly hard to provide any time to the hobby, but I managed to when I could.  

In the closing years of my military career I made a conscious decision that once I retired I would reenter the hobby. I began to read everything I could find on the latest model building techniques and newest painting and finishing trends. It was during these last couple of years that I gravitated toward Allied Armor subjects, notably the gallant and often out classed M4 Sherman Medium Tank. And this is where I find myself today.  With the advent of the internet I felt that it would be a good venue to share this experience with my fellow model builders and anyone who was interested.   So join me in my little corner of modeling heaven, as it were, and share with me the joy that we find by gluing increasingly smaller, and fuzzier, bits of plastic together to form what we feel is a respectful representation of these ingenious machines and the noble men and women from the past, present and future, who employed them.

Thanks for stopping by and WELCOME to ALLIED AROMR a modelers blog. 


  1. I love it! “It” being this blog you have started here so that you can document and share what you are doing with your model building. I am not one of the “fellow builders” but I am definitely interested in following what you are doing! I did not realize or remember how it was that I (and my other half) played a role in getting you started in all of this. Don’t you just love hobbies?! I have been bitten by a few bugs myself over the years. I am glad you are setting some distractions aside so that you can and will get back to pursuing something for fun and enjoyment. Everyone needs a bit of this in their lives. I really like the four rules and feel they can be loosely applied to about any pursuit in life. I want to add two words here for hobbies (I am working on these myself techniques myself)…moderation and balance. Good luck and best wishes to all of your happy hours of building, creating and relaxing in the future!

  2. Outstanding, lil' bro. It is good when one stays with his heart & pursues those things that are you. Keep up the great work. And, yes, share your progress.