Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yep it has been way to long.  I've been a bit side tracked with home and at work thingys but mostly just dragging my feet trying to figure out how and what I wanted to post here.  The bottom-line is I think I got it worked out and ready to restart.

But before I get to rolling here I wanted give you all a little peek into where I do my building and painting of the  Allied Armor...and other "stuff" you'll see here.

I actually have separate work areas, a building area and a painting area.  As I like spending time with my wife I fixed up an old computer armoire she was no longer using and put it next to our TV.  This way she can read, watch TV,  even take a nap while I work on my latest project. It may look a bit cramped but it really works out nicely.

Here it is all closed up for when we have guests over, or something like that.

...And here it is as it normally looks most of the use

The other area is located in my basement and of course that where all the smelly stuff happens, Also the "stash" is kept here.  As you see I have two work areas here which is nice for keeping things separate while I work on different projects.

The airbrushing area with paint booth...

...And other area for detail finishing, weathering and building up the bases for each model.

...and finally the "stash"...not overly large but should keep me busy.

Ok that's it for now but check back really!!....I promise I'm already working on my next post.

See you then! 

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  1. I love how the "stash" has reached the rafters! You COULD be very, very busy for a long time.

    Hey, I think I see some duplicates. Is that allowed? LOL